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Burton Danet
Jan 23, 2010

Remembering 2 Remember (R2R)

Staying the Course of  Global Humanitarian Relief
by Concerned Dual Global Citizens (DGC)
Proudly United in Diversity!
an ABC4All site!

Yes disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes demand urgent response, and thankfully there are many First Responders who fill such needs.
Celebrities often come out and participate for the Big Fundraising Events such as we have seen with Haiti and other disasters.
All too often, after the Big Push for fundraising, the focus disappears.  So many return to their daily lives and lose the focus.
BUT the fact is that there are 1.8 billion people in the world without adequate basics in living - water, food, shelter.
This is a focus that must not be forgotten nor ignored.
Therefore REMEMBERING 2 REMEMBER (R2R) is a way for attention to be focused on those who need help the most in the world, whether they are victims of a disaster or are simply among those in the world without adequate basics in living.

R2R - Created by Dual Global Citizens (DGC) Who Care!
We are all: CLICK! Citizens of the world
We all can: CLICK! Care for one another.
Let's support R2R and never stop! 
Join this website please! 
Watch for exciting Music FUNdraising Events
so you, too, can support R2R!

Make a difference on the planet everyday.

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